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Pond Elegance, beyond building ponds and other types of water features, also provides regular services and one off service.

Regular Service
Regular Service is offered on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Rates for these services are lowered based on the frequency. As an added benefit, as a regular customer, you only pay the hourly rate for other services, like fixing a pump, at the rate you pay for your regular service. For a regular service here is what we do:

  • Check your water for the right Ph condition, this can preempt a water quality problem that you can't see but will affect your fish.

  • Your pond is cleared of all large debris such as branches, twigs, leaves, and other organic material that can decompose and affect your water quality.

  • Clean your filters. The technique for doing this is unique to the type of filter and filter material you have.

  • Clean extra algae off of your waterfall or rocks.

  • Add natural water clarity and safety additives (product use is an extra charge).

  • Replace your UV light once a year which is a necessary thing to do (price of the bulb is not included...we add that to your bill)

Ponds can become unsightly in a very short period of time. With a good filtration system, this is kept to a minimum and fish are rarely affected. However, to keep your pond looking nice all the time, it requires regular attention. Depending on the size of the pond, the number of plants and fish, whether it is under trees or not, whether or not you have a waterfall or fountain are all factors in determining the appropriate level of regularity.

Regardless of who built or installed your water feature, we can care for it. Our technician has more than thirteen years of experience servicing all aspects of water feature issues.  He is an expert.

One Off Service
From time to time you may encounter a problem.  Your pump may go bad, or pond may be lacking, your fish might get sick, or any other type of problem. For any problem related to water features our technician will come out for $125 to assess your problem, fix it if possible (if it can be done in an hour) for the service call charge.  If more work needs to be done, then you will be charged at a rate of $125/hour plus any materials to fix the problem. We are proud of our work and want you to be satisfied. If at any time you are not satisfied you can call our office, your call will be quickly attended to.

Fee Schedule

Type of Service   Monthly FeeHourly Fee

Weekly - 

Bi-Weekly -

Monthly - 

One-Off - 

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