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Who are we? 

First we are POND people. We love what we do and it shows. We have designed and built hundreds of ponds since Pond Elegance opened in 1986. Our Service Technicians have repaired and maintained thousands of ponds since that time. Just as many have passed through the doors of our retail store buying Koi, Goldfish, Plants and supplies. Finally, we are here for you whether you are DYI person or you want to leave it up to us, we've got your back!

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Pond Construction

So your thinking about building a pond? Great choice! If you do it right. The bad rap on backyard ponds is that they are difficult to maintain and keep clear. We can assure you that after building hundreds of pond since 1986, it doesn't have to be that way. Before a spade is put the dirt most of your pond building should already be done.


Pond and Fountain Maintenance and Repair

Even a well-built pond or fountain requires some maintenance. The type of equipment you select, the size of the pond, and other elements will determine how much time you need to spend each month to take care of your pond. Our pond service technicians can take care of all that for a reasonable monthly fee. When something goes wrong with your pond who do you call? Pond Elegance!

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Pond Supplies

There are a number of supplies that ponds required to keep running and stay clear. We have them.You can enhance the beauty of your pond by adding some beautiful Koi or goldfish and aquatic plants. Pond Elegance is your One Stop Shop for all of your pond, fish and plant needs.

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Here's What Others Say

"A dreamy beautiful place!!! Excellent help and great encouragement. Can't wait to get my pond up and going."

"These guys did an outstanding job building our pond !"

"I have been a loyal customer forever. I love the owner and staff. They are knowledgeable about ponds and fish. The grounds are gorgeous. I love taking my grandsons to feed the fish."


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